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For too long, subscription documents and KYC/AML have been a hassle – to the great frustration of everyone involved.

GPs are too well-aware of the many problems connected to subscription documents: Long, complicated documents stuffed with legalese, difficult even for seasoned LPs to fill out correctly. (And, as a consequence, requiring several rounds of reviews before they are good to go.) PDFs and Word documents are standard – in a best case scenario, they can be filled out digitally and not only by hand!

What’s more, sensitive data is being sent by e-mail, with all the risks that entails. Fundraising data is tracked using old-school spreadsheets. The list goes on.

With our module for subscription documents and KYC/AML, LPs fill out an intelligent form which is automatically customised based on the answers each individual LP gives. Documents are generated in seconds and can be signed electronically. This makes for a smooth fundraising process and a superior user experience.

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