What we do

Private market investments.


Techquity is a private markets investment platform used by professional investors from all over the world to invest in class-leading private equity and venture capital funds.

For funds, the platform offers a suite of features such as data rooms, onboarding, investor portal and contract management.

Global user base

Loved by investors from all over the world.

Techquity is trusted by investors from all over the world – from leading instititutional investors to family offices and individuals. They all love Techquity for its state-of-the-art design, prized user interface and broad range of innovative features.

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Trusted by leading GPs.

“Techquity gives our LPs a smoother, more efficient fundraising experience, and it saves us time we would otherwise have spent on administrative tasks.”

“We used Techquity for our latest fund. Their platform made the closing process smooth and efficient. We look forward to our continued collaboration.”

”Using Techquity helped streamline the fundraising process with all stakeholders involved.”

The platform

A one-stop shop for fundraising.

Our platform initially focused on subscription documents and was used for fund establishments only. But since we launched in the spring of 2021, the platform has been constantly expanding. We now also offer modules for virtual data rooms (VDR), KYC/AML, side letters, and fund agreements, and we’re soon launching customisable investor portals.

We have also extended the platform’s areas of usage. Today, it is frequently used not just for fund establishments, but also for co-investments.


Techquity offers industry-leading encryption and security. Sensitive data should not be sent by e-mail.


Speed up the closing process with Techquity. Let your LPs generate required documents with a few clicks.


Leave the old days of complicated, lawyer-designed PDFs behind. Instead choose great design and a superior user experience.

Our philosophy

Working together with leading GPs, law firms and fund administrators.

Techquity works as a technical layer and is not a legal adviser. This means we do not provide contracts or any other legal content on the platform. Instead we work together with our GPs’ law firms and fund administrators – who also get access to the platform – to help them provide the best service possible to their clients.

This brings the added benefit of having all parties involved in the fundraising process on one platform – GPs, LPs, lawyers and fund administrators.