About us

Techquity is a legal technology company based in Sweden. The company was founded in 2020 by Zacharias Jörsmo, Oliver Lundgren, and Swedish innovation group CIMON.

The CIMON group has developed a number of ground-breaking technologies over the years. We are approximately 200 employed engineers in all areas of digitalisation with cutting-edge expertise in product and system development. The group has offices in 14 locations across the Nordics, of which Stockholm is the largest with approximately 80 employees. The group also has operations in England and Taiwan.

Techquity has 4 offices in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Karlshamn.

Our idea

Capital is the lifeblood of all innovation and technological advancement. But raising capital is plagued by inefficiency. Our goal is to remove obstacles and improve the infrastructure for fundraising – and make capital more readily available in the process. This way, we help enable the entrepreneurs and technologies of tomorrow.

Our mission

We stand at an inflection point in history. Challenges and threats are abound – climate change, pandemics and conflicts are pushing the boundaries of human problem-solving and ingenuity. As many of these challenges can only be mastered with technology that currently does not exist, innovation and technological progress are more important than ever. We need progress – fast.

But innovation requires funding, and today important parts of the fundraising infrastructure is plagued by inefficiency. Our goal is to improve this infrastructure – so great innovators can go on solving the challenges of our time.

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